Why Us

We Are Professional Career Coaches, Experts in Jobs after College.


The right preparation at the right time.

Early preparation is necessary to get ahead in the job market. Investments in SAT and ACT prep get you into college, early career strategy preparation is critical for what happens after graduation. Students learn what value and benefits they bring to the table early in the process. Early career counseling for students sets the foundation for getting a job out of college.


Matriculating students and recent graduates is our sole focus.

We understand the challenges of young professionals and the guidance that is needed to create confident, focused candidates that put them at the top of a company’s candidate list. Professional career counseling and internship guidance for college students is what we do.


We have proven business experience and we understand what businesses expect of recent graduates.

We have guided Fortune 500 firms to create sound strategies and sales plans with overwhelming success. We have translated those techniques to share with students and enable them to think like the person hiring them. Students tell us this is unique to what they have learned in school or from other career advisors. Next Great Step provides coaching and proven techniques for making the transition to an internship or job for a college graduate.

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