​​​​Bridging the Gap from College to the Real World

College & University Programs

​​Next Great Step has multiple programs that can be provided in a Lecture or Classroom setting.  The following are a sample of a few of the sessions that can be provided and customized to meet your needs.

Make the NEXT Step Count
The concept focuses on planning ahead for an interaction by thinking about what action you want the prospective employer to take, what attitudes you want them to have about you and what questions you need answered. The lecture focuses on how to execute these in the most effective way. The student will learn how to “sell” themselves and apply techniques which encourage the potential internship manager or employer to take the next step toward hiring you or connecting you with someone who will.

Key concepts:
Importance of making an impact on every person you meet. Using the 3A’s:

  • Actions  - What the contact will commit to do for you
  • Attitudes - What the contact will believe about you
  • Answers  - What information you need answered to better understand the contact or opportunity

What am I Worth? The GREAT Value Question
The student will be challenged think like a hiring manager and what challenges they face. The student will learn 3 levels of benefit that a candidate brings to an employer and how to communicate those benefits. This interactive presentation will show why getting paid what you are worth is more within your reach than you thought. 

Key concepts:

  • The question students fear most

  • How students will justify their value 

  • Your students are their own ‘product’

How to Decide What I Will Do NEXT?
To achieve success the student must be able to identify where to spend their time. This segment addresses how to bring extreme focus to their time allocation, matching knowledge skill experience and passion to their individual goals. The interactive presentation will introduce a structured thinking process to facilitate decision making. 

Key Concepts:
Importance of focus, prioritization and how to invest your time.  
Introduce “Personal Targeting”   

  • Core
  • Near Core
  • Outfield 

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