​​​​Bridging the Gap from College to the Real World

“The whole discussion on value was new to me. I never really thought of going in to an interview with the mind set that I’m worth something. It really changed my outlook on going to interviews with a different attitude.” 

 - Jacey P., Montclair State University, Communications/PR

“Highly recommend @nextgreatstep for internship/career guidance. Beth played a huge part in guiding/teaching my son strategies to land his first job!"  

​ - Robin P. Parent

“It's rare that you come across standout talent like Beth. I have had the pleasure of working with her for about 9 months, when she assisted me while finding a new job post-grad, as well as transitioning to another job. Beth did not only help answer my emails with questions and edits at 11pm, but asked thought provoking questions that brought out my strengths and core skills for interviews. I would recommend Beth to any college student, graduate or young professional looking to improve their professional facet. I look forward to continuing my work with Beth..” 

 - Jonathan G., American University, Employed at CEB

“I would definitely tell my friends about Next Great Step. Mainly because it teaches you about you and your value and self-worth at a work place.  It is very important to know what you bring to the table.”       

   - Jacob B., University of Rochester, Engineering

"Next Great Step really helped me land the perfect internship. Beth helped me perfect my resume and really allowed me to build the confidence I needed to be able to network."

    -Shelby S., Muhlenberg College, employed at Vicinity Media Group as Social Media Expert for Summer 2016

"Working with Beth was an extremely enjoyable and helpful experience. She helped me better identify my core skills, which improved the way I presented both myself and my past experiences better during interviews. I landed my first job out of college after just two meetings with Beth, and can't thank her enough for her help."


    - Geoff G., Lehigh University, Employed at Accenture

"Beth was the missing link to helping my son get a job out of college. He was motivated and interviewing for jobs, but just needed help tying it all together. Beth understood how to communicate with him. She helped him understand his skills and how to demonstrate that in a conversation. As a result, my son became more articulate, concise and confident when interviewing and pursuing opportunities. Most importantly he landed a great job with an accounting firm even before he completed Beth’s program. If you think your son or daughter needs an edge when interviewing for a first job or internship, I would highly recommend Beth at Next Great Step."       

     - Steven F., Parent

“Learning to sell myself during a job interview is something I’m going to implement."   

    - David R., Seton Hall University, Finance

"Beth worked with our daughter who felt lost after graduating from a very prestigious private Boston area university. Finding that her school’s career counseling department didn’t live up to the hype they promised when visiting as a prospective student, but instead found their version of job-search help amounted to directing her to websites. Beth’s help was targeted and professionally done, with insight into what the other side is looking for in a candidate. Beth continues to follow up with our daughter even after she’s been working for awhile to make sure she continues to pursue her job goals. We could not speak highly enough about the professional advice, guidance and reassurance Beth has provided for our daughter."  

   -Myra L., Parent​

"Working with Beth was a great experience, and ultimately, she was key in me landing my first job out out college. Beth helped me identify my core strengths and understand how my strengths could add tangible value to a company. After working with Beth, I feel far more confident and prepared to communicate with professionals, ranging from C-level executives to entry level employees. Overall, my experience with Beth was very rewarding because she was able to provide the individual attention that a Career Services group at a large undergraduate university cannot provide. I highly recommend working with her."

    -Andrew P., University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, Employed at JP Morgan

“Beth has helped me figure out what my strengths are that I can bring to a company and how to use those to my advantage in any future job I may hold. Beth has also given me pointers on how to network around the office in a more efficient and effective way. Beth has also helped me think about my future goals and where I would like to be in 5 years allowing me to plan out my career path accordingly instead of just going at it blindly."   

    - Bryan R., Quinnipiac University, Business Marketing, Internship at Reed Exhibitions Summer 2016

 “I believe the 3A’s are useful not only for job interviews but for conversations in the workplace. For example, asking for a raise or even to gain better knowledge for promotions.”  

    - Alex M., Montclair State University, Public Relations

“Beth was a tremendous wealth of knowledge and a very effective career counselor. We worked together on how to market myself to businesses by exploiting my education, core skills and past work experiences. 

Prior to working with Beth, my past interviews had produced no positive outcomes. Through a clearly defined step by step program, she helped guide me in learning and applying the necessary tools to produce successful outcomes. As a result, I was able to answer interview questions accurately and confidently during the 2017 Spring Career Fair at my college. The event produced three successful interviews and one job offer which I graciously accepted.

Beth not only helped me to achieve success, but taught me how to be successful in all my career pursuits. Beth is a wonderful person and a great asset to have access too. I would recommend her to any College student looking to market him or herself professionally."   

    - Tyler J., Penn State, Chemical  Engineering, Internship at Carlisle

“Turning the interview around and gaining control is different. I never thought to ask what a company wanted from me and what I could do for them.”

     - Dana G., SUNY Binghamton, Marketing

​"​After graduating college, I left with an understanding of how to write a cover letter, resume and how search online for jobs.  Once my career search started, I realized that those skills were not enough to portray that I would be the best candidate for the position. Beth clarified my personal interests and goals that have led me to successfully get hired for my first job out of college. I gained a concrete understanding on how to approach the process. Once applications were sent, Beth’s advising to prepare for interviews is a skill I will utilize in future scenarios. She taught me how to go beyond asking simple interview questions and truly think about what I would want to know more about a company beyond it’s missions and objectives.

In following up with a potential employer, they mentioned that they were very impressed by the types of questions I asked during my interview as they were deep and complex, which is all thanks to Beth’s help for teaching me this skill.  She pushed me to think outside the box. Beyond her advising and consulting, Beth has followed up regarding my progress, which demonstrates her true passion in helping individuals work towards meeting their interests and goals during a career search. I would highly recommend Beth as she not only cares about individual goals but also truly educates on how to enhance career search skills." 

     - Brittany L., Brandeis University, Health: Science, Society and Policy

"I had a great experience working with Beth and Next Great Step. She helped me analyze my skills and values to find a balance for future career choices. Beth taught me how to navigate the maze that is corporate culture. Starting from the interview process, she always made herself available for coaching and advice. Beth is a very good listener and gives great feedback based on what she learns from you. All in all, I have had a very successful experience working with her."

   -Andrew C., University of California, San Diego, Pharmacology,  employed at Stanford University as a Clinical Research Assistant

 “I met with Beth in March so she could help me get an internship for the summer of 2016. Not only did she help me apply, but she took the time to help me find out what I am specifically passionate about, and how my strengths could tie in to what a company is ultimately looking for in its employees. With this, she played a huge part in, not only getting me an internship, but in an field that I love. I highly recommend any college student struggling to find an internship to work with her.”  

    - Thomas F., Quinnipiac University, hired at Party City as Supply Chain Analyst Intern for Summer 2016

College Students Looking for Internships and Jobs Out of College Say It Best...