​​​​Bridging the Gap from College to the Real World

First Job



What's included:

  • Assessment of what you have going for you and what’s in your way
  • Define success for you – setting clear goals
  • Define your value and the direct benefits you bring to an employer
  • Development of personal strategy answering the 4 questions:    

         1. What do I have to offer? 
         2. Who am I selling my skills to?
         3. Why is a company hiring?
         4. Why will someone hire me?

  • Resume content generation
  • Social media presence analysis and recommendations
  • Interview planning and practice with the 3A’s
  • Targeting key employers and how to network with them
  • Action plan and next steps
  • Creating a clear road map on how to get your first job
  • How to reuse and build on what you have learned everyday

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Career Coaching for Recent Grads and College Students
One-on-One Advisory



Next Job

This service is ideal for:

  • College Sophomores planning ahead for the summer internship of Junior Year.

  • College Juniors and Seniors planning ahead for the next internship or campus job interviews.

  • Recent graduates who need to get a job out of college. Those seeking guidance on how to focus on which path to pursue and how to effectively impact your network and prospective employers.



 30 minutes
Standard session1 hour
Making your Mark6 sessions
Keep the Momentum8 sessions

Every engagement will be customized to individual needs and requirements. The number of sessions recommended will be determined after the initial consultation. Below is typical of what is provided when engaging with
 Next Great Step. The amount of detail and depth will vary based on the number of sessions. Sessions may be conducted in person, online (Skype or Google Hangout) or by phone, and include unlimited email.


Service Area: A Personal Job Coach for college graduate looking for jobs is available in all of the following areas: Northern New Jersey, greater NYC area and in the tristate metropolitan areas - NY, NJ, CT.

Next Great Step focuses on how to find the right job or internship for a college graduate and teaches you how to differentiate yourself from the competition. We are your personal job coach to provide counseling and job search techniques with a proven business approach when looking for a job out of college. Our career coaching services are unique in that we solely focus on helping students or recent graduates looking for a job or internship right out of college. We help you take that Next Great Step.

College Graduate Looking for a Job?  The Answer: Your Personal Job Coach 

​​​Here’s how Next Great Step helps you:

  • ​Develop a personal strategy to answer these questions:

       1. What do I have to offer?

       2. Who am I selling my skills to?

       3. Why is a company hiring?

       4. Why will someone hire me?

  • Teach you how to focus on your skills & knowledge and prioritize your efforts.
  • Show you how to articulate your value – what you are worth and why a company should pay you what you deserve.
  • Give you tools to differentiate yourself from other candidates.
  • Advise you on interviewing and networking skills where you control the meeting.
  • Advise on social media profile and resume content.
  • Create your plan to accomplish your goals.

​​​​Does this sound familiar?

  • ​​I’ve worked hard during school, why is it so difficult finding a job?
  • I know my major, now what positions should I apply for?
  • I’ve sent out a lot of resumes and I am still waiting

       for a response.

  • I got the first interview but didn’t make it to the

       next round.

  • Why is it that someone else with the same education and same grades gets a job, but I can't get hired?
  • I am able to make contacts but they never call back.
  • I’m still living at home, unemployed, and I need to pay my school loans.