How We Work

First Job & Career Coaching for Students: Ace the Hiring Interview

How Next Great Step works:

Defining Success

Setting a vision with goals to attain your objective.
First, we will take a look at what you have achieved so far and what may be holding you back. We explore what success looks like for you and set goals to help you get there. We discuss the stakeholders in your life (the people who have an interest in your success) and how they impact your decisions.

The 4 Questions of Strategy

A strategy brings focus and answers these four questions:
1.  What skills am I bringing to a prospective employer?
2.  Who am I selling my skills to? What geography, industry or field of interest do I want to focus on?
3.  Why is a company hiring for this position? Understanding the company need.
4.  Why will someone hire me over someone else? Competitive advantage.

Benefits and Value

How to compete and stand out from the rest.
We will explore how you can best articulate your value to others. By value, we mean how you can express the benefit you have to offer an employer that will help them be more successful when you work for them. You will learn how to uncover what is important to an employer and how you can offer solutions to their challenges.


Be prepared for every meeting and interview.
We will develop and implement a plan to get from here to there. We discuss in detail about how to plan ahead for an interview or networking opportunity. We practice the concept of the 3A’s – Actions, Attitudes and Answers to help you execute your plan for your next interaction. We polish your LinkedIn profile and resume content. We collaborate on milestones and goals and a timeline to achieve them. And then we will set you on the path for success.