• Assessment of your core competencies and obstacles in your way

  • Define success for you – setting clear goals

  • Define your value and the direct benefits you bring to an employer

  • Development of personal strategy answering The 4 Questions of Strategy

  • Interview planning and practice with the 3A’s

  • Resume content generation

  • Social media presence analysis and recommendations

  • Action plan and next steps

  • Career planning for the first job and beyond

  • Create a clear roadmap on how to get your first job and build on what you have learned everyday

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Next Great Step in Livingston, NJ- Next Great Step career counseling to college graduates provides strategies guiding students to focus their career path using a proven business approach. Contact us if any of the following are of interest to you: college graduate employment, millennials, new college graduate jobs, college graduates looking for jobs, internships for college graduates, jobs for college graduates, finding jobs after college. We will bring to bear our very unique skills and experience to help you in the most effective manner. Email or Call us today for a session to help you find your first job or internship.


For the past 20 years we have advised Fortune 500 companies how to develop and implement strategies to achieve success. Now we are bringing those same strategies to students, teaching them how to communicate their ability to solve the business problems that a company faces. Our students learn proven, time-tested techniques to achieve their personal goals and compete with a strong edge over other candidates.


The mission for graduating college students is more than just finding that first job. The graduate’s mission is to learn how to leverage the knowledge and skills that they acquired in college and turn those assets into real value over the course of their career. The Next Great Step program will enable millennials to step into the world of work with a personal roadmap, to help navigate them towards success. This program teaches students how to present their value to employers.

​​​​Bridging the Gap from College to the Real World

​​Career Counseling to College Graduates:

Getting the First Job or Internship

​​​​​​​How will you or your student meet the challenges seen in today’s business headlines?

“While 72% of educational institutions believe recent grads are ready for work,

only 42% of employers agree.” Forbes

“It’s harder for new graduates to find good jobs. 44% of grads are working in jobs

that don't require a college degree.” The Federal Reserve

​​Service Area: Career Counseling to College Graduates is offered in Northern New Jersey, greater NYC area and in the tristate metropolitan areas - NY, NJ, CT. Find a job, interview skills, networking, success with placement. Career Coach for recent grads.