To succeed in the job market,
you need a competitive edge.

As a recent grad, does this sound familiar?


I’ve sent out a lot of resumes and I am still waiting for a response.


How do I turn my college major into a job I want?


I got the first interview but didn’t make it to the next round.


I’m still living at home and I'm ready to be financially independent.

Next Great Step is the solution for your career concerns.

The mission for graduating college students is more than just finding that first job. The graduates’ mission is to learn how to leverage the knowledge and skills that they acquired in college and turn those assets into real value over the course of their career. The Next Great Step program will enable millennials to step into the world of work with a personal roadmap, to help navigate them towards success. This program teaches students how to present their value to employers, and get the job they seek.

Our expert career consulting team works with current students and recent grads, their parents, and even colleges & universities.

Get the Next Great Step Advantage

  • The right preparation at the right time. Early career counseling for students sets the foundation for getting a job out of college.
  • Matriculating students and recent graduates is our specialty and sole focus. We are NOT your average career coaches who have added on recent grads as an extra service.
  • We have proven business experience and we understand what businesses expect of recent graduates.
  • Our distinct approach is based on a proven method that was used with Fortune 500 executives to help them compete in the market, but simplified for college students.

"We don’t have a jobs crisis in the world, we have a skills crisis. 45% of US employers say lack of skills is the “main reason” for entry-level vacancies. Only 42% of worldwide employers believe new graduates are adequately prepared for work."

“Education to Employment” report

"Almost two thirds of employers - 65% - were looking for two or more internships, while 35% felt three internships was the minimum students should have completed by the time they graduate."

"The Class Of 2017 Face A Reality Check When They Graduate From College"

April 23, 2017

"In 2015, nearly 45% of college graduates ages 22 to 27 were in jobs that did not require a college degree, compared to 38% in 2000."

"Tricky Timing for the Class of 2016"

May 15, 2016

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